Communication Masterclass

Learn to speak confidently in any situation

Language: English

Instructors: Think School

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₹2999 including GST

Course Curriculum


Live Sessions

Get all your doubts cleared in bi-weekly live sessions by Ganesh Prasad.

Action- oriented

Crisply curated to make you complete guided tasks and learning on the way.

1 Year Access

You will have access to the 6-week course for 1 full year.

  Self Paced

Start and pause as per your convenience. Haste is waste, take your time.

Taught by Ganesh Prasad

About the course

Think School's flagship course, communication masterclass is a 6-week course that will handhold you to not only speak fearlessly but speak with conviction and convince your audience. It may be a stage, or on video or some other stage, this course shall teach you to talk powerfully in any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

My English is weak, will this course help?

Yes, it definitely will. We have lots of fluency exercises, workbooks, vocabulary builders, etc to help you improve your English writing and speaking skills. Also, Communication Masterclass is about communication skills and it will not only improve your English, but it will make you master communicator in any situation from Interviews to Meetings, Conversation to Dating, etc, and present yourself in a powerful manner💯

What will I need for the course?

All you need is the will to learn & improve yourself and your Smartphone/Laptop and we will take care of the rest!❤

What changes will I see in myself?

You will become an excellent speaker, powerful communicator & confident presenter. You will be able to present, convince & deliver your ideas on a stage, in interviews, meetings, in dating, or any situation. This an end to end Masterclass about Communication in all its forms from Presentation, Speaking, Persuasion, Negotiation, Storytelling to everything you can imagine. All you have to is follow along and complete the course, practice the exercises and leave the rest to us and we promise you'll see changes far beyond your expectations. ✌

Use on any Device & Any time of the Day

Think School is all about bringing great content in your hands at your convenient time.

  • Live Sessions by Ganeshprasad will happen on Zoom, you will be notified on Whatsapp
  • Pre-recorded content allows you to self pace your learning experience from your own handheld device or laptop/PC/Mac.
  • For any further queries, whatsapp us on +91 8850885462

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